Life coming at you too fast to make time for marketing?

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Friends don't let friends do it themselves!

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This is going to take me months!

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Heard of Responsive Websites?

6 What is Responsive Design?

Not just a website

We dig in deep and learn about your business goals, customers, and competitors, and then build an integrated plan to get you more sales, members, or donors.

Isn't that what you really want?

Some of our customers

Focused on your visitors

Your website and all the marketing surrounding it has to be designed and developed for your visitors.

No matter how impressive your story, if they don't immediately see that you can provide what they need, they are gone, likely never to return.

Well over half of website traffic is from mobile devices these days, and there are several dozen new models of smartphones and tablets hitting the market every year.

Is your site mobile friendly now? Will it be tomorrow?

Ours are, and will be.

"Whit! Beautiful website. I'm jealous!!
I'm going to mine right now and spit on it!! "

Ann, mystery & romance author,
commenting about the website of her competitor (our client)

"Short Story Marketing has been amazing in managing and updating my business website. They listen to what I want and what I need! They worked with both my daughter/new partner and me on the look we wanted to achieve and the message we wanted to convey on our most recent website update. Kim, Bill and Taylor are the best! Grateful for them as they respond quickly and our website update is awesome!!! They are OUR TEAM!!!!"

Deborah Davis Groves

"My experience has been beyond phenomenal. A previous provider departed unexpectedly, causing a tremendous amount of concern and I was grateful when [Short Story] provided us with the security, comfort, and direction that was essential to have a seamless experience during this transition. I found all communications to be extensively thought through and documented. This helped to avoid the all-too-common mis-communications that come with long distance business relations. I would highly recommend working with them, you will not be disappointed. Guinevere Johnson & True Wealth Advisory Group, Bend Oregon "

Guinevere, Financial Advisor

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you personally for my company's new website. I am delighted with the outcome! I am grateful for the time, effort, and diligence that was exercised through multiple iterations of edits that has now led to fruition. Your company has enabled my vision "

Iris, consultant

"I just want to tell you how pleased I am with my website. Taylor did a great job and I really appreciate it!
You can be sure I’ll pass the word along. ~ Jeff"

Jeff Sibner

"The cover is very beautiful, maybe the best that I have seen!!!! "

Joe, magazine publisher

"You guys should know that folks have been commenting on how cool and sharp the website looks! Nice job. Thanks."

John, Consultant

"So Cool! I have a huge college fair event tomorrow with 1,200 people in attendance and now I can feel confident about folks heading to my site. What a huge relief! ... This is absolutely what I hoped for and envisioned. I think it looks great. Beautiful even! I am very impressed!"

Katelyn, Consultant

"I just want to say a special THANK YOU for your tremendous work over the past few weeks. I REALLY appreciate it. Your work is the pinnacle of professionalism. "

Lisa, PR Consultant

"Thank you for ALL your hard work on our behalf the past 3 years! It was a fun, albeit short run and I will treasure every moment. You certainly made the website one thing I didn’t have to worry about. "

Sue, Bed & Breakfast Owner

"Bill & Kim: We just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and continued success in the new year. You have been a tremendous help to keeping our company current and our business healthy and growing. All the best, Terry "

Terry, Advertising

"The short story folks are reliable and easy to work with - The team"

The team

"I thought I should share my recent experience... This is the 14th web site I have RELUCTANTLY been involved in. It was truly a positive, professional and hassle free experience ... It is refreshing to deal with a person who knows what they are doing and who does not hesitate to provide the depth of his exprience in making sure one has a great product."

Tim, Business Broker

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