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Kim and Bill were competitors in Frisco, Texas over a decade ago, both running their own web firms for many years, when a mutual friend bullied Kim into having coffee with her arch-rival Bill. It proved to be a match made in heaven Starbucks!

A year later, after they had worked together on many projects and developed trust in each other, they formed the partnership Frisco Websites, now Short Story Marketing.

Kim Green

Partner, Artsy Elf
(aka "Shorty")

Just because she's un-tall doesn't mean Kim's bio deserves a short scan. Kim has more talent per foot than any other web designer.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Dallas and later winning the printing industry's best of class award for her design work, Kim started working for the family business, which morphed into a graphic design business, and then morphed into the design side of Frisco Websites, which has since morphed into Short Story Marketing. (Yeah, lots of morphing goes on around Kim.)

CAUTION: If you ask Kim what she thinks, she will tell you!

When she isn't enjoying the horses on her ranch or sketching eyeballs (hey, I'm just reporting it, not explaining it...), she creates and supervises the design of everything we do.

Bill Sholar

Partner, Resident Geek
(aka "Ol' Wise One")

Bill is old (like dirt!) and has done a lot, including (taking a deep breath): He worked in intelligence back in the Vietnam era, and started working with the Internet ten years before it was called the Internet. (Back then, they usually called it "@#$%&!", depending on how things were working.)

He later ran college computer centers, was a marketing & sales manger for Steve Jobs' NeXT computer company, managed an IT team at a major oil company, and owned a business intermediary firm.

He has worked with Kim for longer than any of those. (Strange, huh?)

One of his original websites, FireCalc® (a retirement calculator), has been repeatedly cited in The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, and the Dallas Morning News, among many others.

Margie Baxley

Windows Geek
(aka "Email Fixer")

Margie will actually answer the phone and often get your problem solved pretty much on the spot, while the rest of the team is goofing off in meetings or have their heads buried in projects.

She is our Windows and Wordpress geek extraordinaire, and email fixer when clients need help setting up their phones and computers.

If she could, Margie would live at a lake, and would be working from the dock, feet dangling in the water.

Her cat would be protecting her and the dock from any birds that might come near.

When she's not answering our phone or helping our clients, she is busily trying to overload Facebook's servers with pictures of her grandkids.

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