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The branding and design end is all Kim. In fact, that’s why Kim and Bill are partners. Bill’s design creativity is limited to what can be accomplished with the 4 crayons that come with the kid's menus at the sushi restaurant. And then it's not a pretty sight.

Kim puts the “vary” in variable. She designs practically anything. The only things she doesn’t design are things that don’t exist. That’s how good she is. Seriously.

Kim’s a mega-star in the universe of design. She’ll create a menu that will have your customers drooling. She’ll custom design your company logo, your newsletters, your brochures. She make your posters stand out, no matter where you post them. Window displays, trade show booths, banners, and one-off signage are gladly in her domain.

Believe us, you don’t want Bill designing for you (nor Kim programming for you...)

Kim doesn’t dip into some faded online folder and pull out a dusty old template, either. Each job is custom planned and created like buttermilk biscuits--from scratch. That means your logo won’t remind your customers of your competitor’s logo. That means you’ll have a style that expresses your individuality and need to stand apart.

Be seen. Be heard. Be sure you have the forces of artistry and insight on your side. Kim can bring color to your vision. She has the power to flesh out your ideas.

Give in to the smart side. Allow yourself the luxury of great design. Appeal and inform your clients. Entice, invite and reward your target audience. Don’t waste an opportunity with a bad design.


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