Website Design, as seen by our intern

I thought, "get a bunch of pretty pictures, make them fit around the words... that's all, right?"

Oh, no! There's much more.

Designs don't just spring out of our art director/co-owner Kim's head, fully baked. She starts thinking about a zillion different ways to go about any new design... and I love to peek at her workspace, as all sorts of shapes, colors, patterns, and images seem to swirl around until she gets all those ideas under control.

By the time she sends out a picture showing her concept (called the "comp"), she has already...

  • Designed a look that is consistent with the brand, tells "the story" at a glance, and has a call to action
  • Made sure that the layout directs the visitor's eye flow along the key elements
  • Picked colors that fit with the logo and brand as well as the goal and audience of the project
  • Laid it out so the most important messages are "out front" without scrolling on the home page
  • Confirmed the design will work when the page is short or long, and when the screen is narrow or wide
  • Anticipated future growth, so the site can expand without requiring redesign
  • With Bill ("the techie"), made sure the design can be converted into web templates that...
    • preserve the essence of the design
    • allow clients to add and edit their own pages with low chance of "breaking" the layout,
    • and work on all the computers and browsers in common use.

After going back and forth a bit and getting to the final design, she will convert the comp into the types of files needed. Whew! A lot more than just moving pictures around on the screen!


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