Web Development

Features so powerful...

... they are only available on the servers that power Amazon.com, using proprietary software that we have licensed for your website. These are the "power tools" we use to build your website, and if you can use typical office software, or even typical email programs, you can use them too.

Don't settle for "hobby-grade" web software that requires security updates and functional patches every month or two.

Fully hosted and managed

Managed hosting is included, and includes tons of capacity.

What's this?

In the old days, the only practical option for hosting was to rent disk space on a server somewhere. Back then, you could get hosting for the equivalent of a couple of lattes a month. But you also had to shell out for your web developer to take care of any but the most minor changes ($$), and for installing patches and mandatory security updates ($$$$). (You can still get that cheap hosting some places, with the same implications.)

With managed hosting, you'll pay about the same as a couple of lattes a week, but you will save about 25 times that much on average, because you can make most site changes yourself if you wish, and you can forget about paying hundreds every few months for having your developer install patches or security updates; Adobe does this for you automatically.

All our new sites offer:

Responsive Design - Automatically displays properly on tablets, smart phones

Revise Your Own Site - If you can edit a report or a resume, you can edit your website. (Too busy? We have support plans, and can do it for you.)

Activity Reports - Emailed to you weekly, and available anytime you want


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