What might you find in our list of projects?

Everything... including the kitchen sink!

With over 650 projects under our belts since we joined forces, and a few hundred more before that, if we haven't seen it all, we have certainly seen a lot (including the company selling kitchen sinks). If you can surprise us with a business type we haven't worked with before, we'll be, well, surprised. Go ahead... Challenge us!

In addition to the wide VARIETY of projects, we have also evolved as the "go to" marketing firm in several situations.

  • Local Market

    The locals always know the best restaurants marketing teams

    Those who know us personally have hired us for hundreds of projects:

    • Doctors, Lawyers, & Dentists
    • Retailers, Boutiques, & Spas
    • Roofing Contractors & Boarding Kennels
    • Landscapers & Cleaning Services
    • Churches & other non-profits

  • Consultants

    Experience leads to some naturals fits.

    Etiquette consultants? Crime scene consultants? Pastoral coaches? We have worked with consultants of all sorts.

    Educational consultants outnumber the others. We have special programs under our "Educational Consultant Platform" (ECP) brand for members of IECA and HECA.

  • Intermediaries

    Been there, done that, just like you
    we've walked the walk

    We have a shared background with Business brokers.

    After owning, running, and then selling a very successful brokerage, we have helped numerous independent brokers, franchisees, and franchise "home offices".

  • Membership etc

    Groups and Multi-Locations

    When you need a nail pounded, find someone with a hammer.

    The technology we use works well for all our clients, but offers particular advantages for associations, networking groups, franchises or multi-location businesses, and others.

    Some of the strategies this lets us employ for your project can have tremendous benefit, but wouldn't be cost effective with other technologies.

  • Startups

    Spending your time instead of your money

    Let's face it. You have seen the statistics. Starting on a shoestring is risky.

    But sometimes, no matter how important something is, you have to phase things in.

    Is this you? We can help you get started in a way that won't limit you in the future, and will let you put a bit more "sweat equity" into your venture.

    We'd love to be able to say, one of these days, "we were there from the start!"  more

  • PR & Marketing Firms

    You plan, we'll implement

    We also work with PR/marketing agencies who have already developed marketing plans for their clients, and just need our "back end" services to implement a website, a design project, or perhaps other online or offline marketing services.

    Private label: If you wish, we work solely through you, and stay completely in the background.

    With us, you can have it your way (just no longer at Burger King).

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